Five Sets with Mia Swanegan

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  • April 18, 2017 05:03 PM
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On starting at TCU and transferring to West Virginia …
Starting my career (at TCU) I was just starting, so I didn’t know anything different other than what I was taught there and what I went through there. But then coming to WVU and kind of starting over, it was interesting just because I knew from freshman year what I was going to go through and what training was going to be like and everything. It was different, though, in the fact that things are different here; some of the training we did back at TCU wasn’t the same as here at WVU. We work harder at some things and then the team culture is different, too. It was similar for the most part but then little things were different, a good different. I feel like I was just like, “okay another year you have one under your belt just keep growing and going forward.” Everyone was just so kind (when I came here) and kind of knew what both Taylor (Cross) and I had been through. Coming in as transfer sophomores it wasn’t a scary aspect but they were just there if we had any questions, they had our back. Everyone was just very accepting.
On what you take away from being a student-athlete …
Definitely team work because it’s different when you do something on your own, but then when you’re on a team, you obviously have to work together on some things. People might want to do it a different way, and then you might want to do it another way, but coming together and finding a happy medium is definitely something I’ll take away. That applies to group projects in classes too; it’s kind of cool to see that happening. I would also say knowing how to work with others, knowing how they work and knowing how to approach a certain thing or how they would react to something. Just knowing a person because, obviously, in your head you have one way and you’re like, “I’m going to react this way, or if this happens I’m going to react this way…” you don’t know how everyone is going to react because everyone is different. Kind of knowing how to not get a little upset when someone doesn’t do something the way you’re wanting to do it. Just knowing that it’s going to be okay and it’s going to work itself out. Just the different approaches on things.
On heading into her last season at WVU …
Wow, that is a loaded question. It’s just been so fun and honestly, as a freshman sometimes you just can’t wait until senior year because some of the stuff you go through you think, “this is a lot,”  but then actually almost being there, it’s kind of sad. I’ll talk to my parents and I’ll say, Wow, it’s still spring, it’s not even summer yet and I’m already kind of getting sad about it.” Spring is always the worst. It’s always the hardest thing you do, but you get so much better. You count down your springs like two more, one more and then you get to the last one. I thought I’d be excited but I’m actually kind of sad inside. It’s going to be hard because it’s something that has been a part of my life for so long so I made it here, and now it’s almost over so what am I going to do with myself?
Plans after graduation …
It just kind of depends. Honestly, it changes all the time. I think about one thing one day, and then (after) a couple of months I’ll be thinking about it again and maybe something else sounds like a better idea. It’s a lot. It’s starting to sink in -  I’m going to be an adult, I’m going to be on my own, I’m going to have to figure out things and I’m going to have to get a job. Athletics definitely helps with going through that process and it’s going to help you handle certain things and know what to do. Plus, with the coaches and even the seniors from this past season (help). Caleah (Wells) is still here in graduate school, so getting stuff from them will be helpful because they have knowledge. It’s kind of nice in that sense too; people are around to help and that helps.
On leaving a mark on the volleyball program …
I hope I am remembered as a positive person and then the person who, in a time of need, gets gritty and knows when to buckle down and get serious. As a whole, I just hope people remember our class as the ones who faced that adversity, learned from it and left our mark. I just want people to know and hear stories of us coming in at a difficult time when everything was changing and we didn’t give up. I just hope people know that, and think that they want to keep that going and see where it goes. 


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